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Proper Humidity Levels For Your Home

March 17, 2023

By Air-Master Heating & Air Conditioning

While summer brings back warm weather, it also raises humidity levels. Did you know that Indiana ranks in the top 10 states with the highest humidity? This may seem as no surprise to Bedford locals, because sometimes in the summer it feels like someone cranked the humidity up to full blast. Many believe humidity is an uncomfortable, hot, and muggy feeling, however, humidity is actually necessary for your home comfort. Too high and too low of humidity can have negative impacts on your health, comfort, and home. In this blog, we discuss the best humidity level for homes in Indiana and the impact of different levels of humidity.

What Level Of Humidity Should I Have In My Home?

We promise, humidity isn’t always an uncomfortable feeling! The humidity feeling most people are used to is the muggy feeling mixed with the hot temperatures outdoors. While humidity can not be controlled outside your home, it is easy to control inside your home. According to EnergyStar, homeowners should maintain 30-50% humidity inside their homes in Bedford, IN and surrounding areas. If humidity reaches above 50%, you may experience discomfort and damage to your home and personal items. If humidity is lower than 30%, you may struggle with dryness and increased illness.

How Can I Control Humidity?

While humidity can fluctuate like weather, outdoor humidity is typically high in the summer and low in the winter. Humidity can be high or low in your home due to various reasons, such as climate, daily activities, and poor ventilation. Homeowners can control humidity by installing a dehumidifying or humidifying system depending on their specific needs. Dehumidifiers work to remove excess moisture in the air, while humidifiers add moisture back into the air. Installing both systems can ensure your home remains comfortable year-round.

Why Is Humidity Important For A Home?

Much like anything, too much or too little humidity can have negative effects on you and your home. Maintaining proper levels of humidity can make for a much more comfortable environment. Below we have listed four impacts of low humidity inside your home in Bedford, IN and surrounding areas.

  • Dry/Cracked Skin
  • Increased Susceptibility To Illness
  • Potential Home Damage
  • Increased Static Electricity

Dry/Cracked Skin

Low humidity means there is a small amount of water vapor or moisture in the air. Dry air can cause dry skin, cracked lips, bloody noses, and scratchy throats. Your home should be a comfortable place to escape dry, winter air and adding moisture back into the air with a humidifier can help prevent dry skin.

Increased Susceptibility To Illness

Did you know that some viruses, bacteria, and germs can survive longer in cold, dry air? If humidity is low inside your home, it can increase your risk of catching a cold and getting sick. Additionally, low humidity can also make current illness symptoms worse, especially for those who struggle with respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Potential Home Damage

Wood inside your home swells and shrinks depending on high or low humidity levels. Low moisture can cause wood floors and furniture to shrink and separate, which can cause damage to a variety of personal items. Additionally, wallpaper can peel due to low humidity.

Increased Static Electricity

Dry conditions can result in a higher risk of static electricity. Moisture within the air acts as a natural conductor, which is why lack of moisture can lead to static electricity buildup. You will experience more shocks when touching household items such as doorknobs. Additionally, static electricity can damage internal components of electronics.

Along with low humidity, high humidity can also present a variety of disadvantages for you and your home. Below we have listed four impacts high humidity can have on your home in Bedford, IN and surrounding areas.

  • Mold Growth
  • Potential Home Damage
  • Discomfort
  • Increased Allergy Symptoms

Mold Growth

Mold and mildew thrive in moist and humid environments. High humidity can cause mold and mildew growth around your home, which can damage your home and harm your health. Dehumidifying systems remove moisture and can stop mold and mildew from growing further.

Potential Home Damage

As we mentioned, mold can grow in humid environments and damage your home. Additionally, high humidity can affect other aspects and personal belongings, such as wood furniture and flooring, electronics, and books. High moisture causes wood to warp and eventually crack.


As most Lawrence County locals know, high levels of humidity can make it feel much hotter. If your home has high humidity, it can have the same effects on your comfort. The muggy conditions can affect sleep and relaxation around your home, as well as increased uncomfortable health symptoms.

Increased Allergy Symptoms

High humidity can increase allergens in your home, such as mold, mildew, and bacteria. Mold growing inside your home can heighten allergy symptoms and cause further health problems. Depending on the resident’s sensitivity, mold can cause severe allergic reactions.

Benefits Of Proper Humidity Levels

While air quality is measured by pollutants in the air, it is also related to humidity levels. At Air-Master, our technicians specialize in indoor air quality and work to keep you breathing easily inside your home. Identifying and maintaining proper humidity levels within your home can provide a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Decreased Mold Growth
  • Improved Health Symptoms
  • Increased Home Comfort
  • Protected Personal Items
  • Efficient HVAC System

While your HVAC system’s main goal is to heat and cool your home, some also work to control humidity. Installing a dehumidifier or humidifier can remove some of the work for your heating or air conditioning unit, which helps increase energy efficiency. For indoor air quality tips or HVAC maintenance services in Bedford, IN and surrounding areas, give an Air-Master technician a call this season!

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