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Bedford Heat Pump Installation

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Do you require an installation crew for a heat pump in Bedford? Our experts at Air Master specialize in providing heat pump replacement services to outdated systems. We also install new heat pumps for homeowners searching for an energy-efficient heating and cooling system. If your old heat pump is making strange noises, not blowing air, or causing your utility bills to rise, it’s likely time to replace it.

Air Master is the ideal alternative for heat pump installation in Bedford if you’re searching for a low-cost alternative. When you work with us, we’ll go over every option for heat pump replacement with you. Our crew will take into account your living space and budget before deciding on a solution that will fulfill your needs. While purchasing a new system may be quite pricey, there are several advantages to doing so.

A new or upgraded heat pump offers:

  • Top-class energy efficiency. The non-directional heat pump can be more efficient than other systems because it may take advantage of ambient thermal energy that is already in the air. This allows for efficiency ratings that exceed those of the competition considerably, thanks to its greater conservatism.
  • Versatility. In the summer, top-notch cooling is available, and in the winter, outstanding heating is provided. That’s a fantastic all-in-one package for residential comfort.
  • Excellent longevity. When well maintained a heat pump has an average lifespan of 15-20 years.
  • “Green” heating and cooling. They’re also great for reducing your carbon footprint since they consume less power and gas than most other systems available.

Installing a new heat pump or replacing an old one in your house can significantly improve the resale value of your home. Our experts will make sure that the installation process runs as smoothly as possible. We have extensive knowledge of heat pumps, so we can work swiftly and effectively without cutting corners. Once the job is finished, we’ll tidy up our area and teach you how to use your new system if you have any concerns.

An outdoor Daikin heat pump

What are some common questions about heat pumps we can answer?

How does a heat pump differ from an air conditioner?

A heat pump has the dual functionality of heating and cooling your home, all within a single system. An air conditioner has the single functionality of cooling.

How does a heat pump work in heating mode?

Heated air is brought into your house through the pipes by heat pumps. The outside coil (also known as the evaporator) extracts heat from the air and transfers it to the indoor coil.

Heat pump vs. furnace?

Customers frequently inquire if they should install a heat pump or a furnace for heating. Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient HVAC systems that provide both heating and cooling capabilities, resulting in cost savings on both the system and your energy expenses. However, in the coldest Ohio nights, your system may require some assistance. For these situations, we recommend using an electric furnace with the heat pump.

Are heat pumps safe?

Heat pumps are less hazardous than traditional combustion-based heat systems since there is no flame or gas. There are no concerns about gas leaks or explosions from unclean machines.

How does this affect my air quality?

Since a heat pump combines air from the outdoors with that within your home, you’ll have better air quality. You’ll be breathing cleaner, fresher air all year round if you maintain your heat pump system’s filters and do regular maintenance.

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