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What Does an Air Conditioning Service Include?

May 31, 2024

By Air-Master Heating & Air Conditioning

You need to schedule AC service once in a while to keep the unit functioning optimally from year to year. The composition of the service will depend on the type of system you have and the current state of the unit. 

Overall, your air conditioning service will include a few core things. We’ll cover them below.

Comprehensive Air Conditioner Cleaning

One of the first things you’ll learn in the HVAC world is that dust and debris can keep your air conditioning system from producing enough cool air. Therefore, most HVAC technicians will start the AC service by cleaning components that gather dust, such as the condenser, the evaporator coils, and the air filters.

Electrical Checkups

With the air conditioning unit now clean, the technician will take a closer look at the unit’s electrical controls to check for worn-out components or loose connections that may cause a problem down the line.

Refrigerant Level Checks

The refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning unit. If you have a leak in the system, your air conditioner will struggle to reach your desired temperatures, if ever. 

During the AC service, the technician will carefully check for potential leaks in the system, deal with them, and then recharge your air conditioner with the right type of refrigerant.

Checking the Airflow

The technician will evaluate the airflow from your air conditioning unit to see if they need to make any adjustments to the system. In many cases, airflow problems are usually due to dirty or blocked vents. 

Thermostat Settings Check

The thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature within your indoor space. The technician will check it to ensure it works perfectly and also confirm that the readings in your indoor space reflect the numbers on your thermostat.

Inspection of Components in the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit houses other components outside the condenser coils. This includes the fan and the compressor. The technician will inspect these components to ensure they are in excellent shape.

Potential Repair Work and Parts Replacement

If you request maintenance AC service, the technician will run your air conditioner for a while to check for any damaged or inefficient components. If they notice anything, they will recommend repairs, which may also involve replacing parts. 

If you order a repair service, the technician will typically go straight to running diagnostics and fixing the issue. After fixing the problem, they can go back to completing the maintenance services above.


How Often Should You Schedule AC Service?

You should schedule maintenance AC service at least once a year (ideally during the spring months) and repair service as soon as you notice an issue.

Is AC Service a DIY Job?

In most cases, no. Apart from elements like changing air filters, most parts of the process will require professional expertise.

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