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Save on Utility Bills with a new Thermostat

February 7, 2022

By Air-Master Heating & Air Conditioning

Homeowners have more power nowadays. What do we mean? We are talking about home automation. This is the ability to be able to control your home with your finger tips. You can automate thermostats, window blinds. outlets, lights, clocks, cameras, speakers, locks, alarms, doorbells, appliances, vacuums and more.

Automating processes can increase your home’s security, save time, reduce costs and overall, make life easier. (and who doesn’t love that?)

Heating and cooling accounts for about 40% of a home’s energy costs, so reducing costs could save a good chunk of change.

We want to highlight the Nexia thermostat. Customers using Nexia have seen 10-12% savings on their energy bills. It allows you to control your home’s climate from anywhere. Super cool!

Not convinced? Old thermostats have to be manually turned on and off, and sometimes it is hard to read the temperature if your thermostat has a sliding manual temperature adjuster.

If you’re using an old model, it’s time to upgrade to a programmable thermostat or even a smart home system.

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