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Is My AC Running Efficiently?

July 22, 2022

By Air-Master Heating & Air Conditioning

Did you know that your heating and cooling system uses the most energy out of any appliance in your home? According to the Energy Information Administration, HVAC is about 48% of the average American household’s energy consumption. Your personal energy usage could be lower or higher depending on your unit’s operating efficiency. Your air conditioner’s efficiency determines how much electrical energy it takes to function and maintain a cool climate. In this blog, we will explain how to tell if your air conditioner is running efficiently and how to improve it to save you money.

5 Signs To Identify If Your AC Is Operating Efficiently

Below we have provided 5 warning signs which can identify the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

  1. High Utility Bills
  2. Temperature Is Not Consistent
  3. Aging Unit
  4. Frequent Repairs
  5. AC Running Constantly

High Utility Bills

If you notice your utility bills are higher than usual, your air conditioner’s efficiency could be to blame. If your air conditioner is the reason for skyrocketed utility bills, it is because there is a malfunction obstructing your unit’s ability to function. This results in your air conditioner using more energy to cool your home and increased utility bills. The obstruction could be a simple fix such as a dirty air filter or an internal issue needing to be addressed by a professional.

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Temperature Is Not Consistent

Your air conditioner should be cooling your whole home evenly. If your living room is your desired temperature, but your bedroom is warmer, you likely have an efficiency problem on your hands.

Aging Unit

A general rule of thumb is your heating and cooling system will last 10-15 years if properly maintained. As your unit gets older, it struggles to keep up with the workload summer and winter temperatures bring. Certain parts struggle to perform, which affects efficiency. To lower your utility bills and maintain energy efficiency, it may be time to install a new unit once your air conditioner ages 10 years. If you do not know the age of your unit, give us a call and we can help evaluate its age!

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Frequent Repairs

Aging units and the frequency of repairs typically come together. As your unit gets older, things don’t work as well and need more frequent repairs. As much as we love to see our customers, we hope you aren’t calling us frequently for a new repair. We can temporarily fix your repair, but in reality it may be time to replace your unit to increase efficiency levels.

AC Running Constantly

Pay attention to if your air conditioner is running constantly as it could be a sign of a lack of efficiency. Your unit should be running two to three times for about 15 minutes each hour. If you notice this sign, give your Air-Master technician a call to quickly identify the problem and improve your efficiency.

4 Ways To Improve AC Efficiency

Below are simple ways to help improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and help save on utility bills!
-Check Your Air Filter
-Inspect Drain Line
-Clean Outdoor Unit
-Check For Hot And Cold Spots

Check Your Air Filter

Think of your air filter as the lungs of your home. If something is hindering your lungs, you can’t breathe. The same goes for your air filter and unit. If your air filter is dirty or clogged, it affects your home’s ability to push air through. Maintain a clean air filter to help with your unit’s efficiency and overall health!

Inspect Drain Line

Your air conditioner removes humidity while cooling your home. The water collected exits through a drain line near your outdoor unit, which is typically a PVC or copper pipe. Your drain line can develop a clog due to debris or mold from the moisture. Homeowners can attempt to remove the clog with a shop vac or pouring white vinegar down the drain. Your Air Master technician is also happy to unclog your drain line and help improve your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Clean Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit can collect debris such as grass clippings, leaves, and tree limbs. Debris can harm your system’s ability to function properly. We encourage homeowners to ensure their outdoor unit is clear of debris weekly to increase efficiency.

Check For Hot And Cold Spots

As we mentioned earlier, if your temperature is not consistent throughout your home it is likely due to a loss in efficiency. To inspect this, check each room frequently to identify any hot or cold spots. This will help you catch an efficiency issue early on and address the problem!

Let us help you improve your efficiency levels. We are here to ensure your comfort this summer and keep your unit operating smoothly. Give us a call at Air Master to inspect your unit and help save you money on your monthly utility bills!

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