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Can Your Air Conditioner Handle the Heat?

May 15, 2023

By Air-Master Heating & Air Conditioning

It might take a heatwave to realize that you have been taking your air conditioner for granted. Before the summer arrives, make sure that your AC is working efficiently so you will not be stuck with massive energy bills or an uncomfortable situation!

No matter how well your air conditioner seems to function, it can easily overwork itself while battling the heat. Decreased energy efficiency and an air conditioner working overtime due to underlying malfunctions can lead to costly repairs or even AC replacement. Planning ahead for the hottest months will help you prevent a variety of AC issues and keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. In this blog, we discuss common AC problems in Bedford, IN and ways to prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat.

Common AC Issues

If your AC is not running efficiently, or at all, it could be due to one of many issues. Below we have listed some of the most common reasons for air conditioning issues homeowners in Bedford, IN and surrounding areas experience.

  • Dirty Air Filters
  • Old Age
  • Lack Of Maintenance

Dirty Air Filters

Your air filter is an incredibly important part of your HVAC system. If the air filter in your AC unit gets too dirty, it can cause the system to run inefficiently or even stop working entirely. The purpose of an air filter is to catch debris and harmful pollutants before they can enter your home’s air. When temperatures and humidity rise, air conditioners work hard to meet the thermostat setting every few hours. A dirty air filter can cause your air conditioner to work harder, because it can struggle to push air through the clogged filter pores. This can result in poor airflow, high energy bills, bad air quality, and discomfort throughout your home.

You should replace the filter in your air conditioner every few months, but especially in the summertime, when the unit is constantly in use. Doing so will ensure that your AC is functioning at its highest level, preventing malfunctions and providing your family with cool, clean air all summer long!

Old Age

Even though air conditioners are meant to last over 15 years, you may have to deal with lessening efficiency as your unit reaches old age. Although regular AC maintenance and cleanings can prolong your unit’s lifespan, air conditioners will eventually need to be replaced. While we wish we could avoid the inevitable replacement, we are here to make the AC replacement process go as smoothly as possible! If you feel that you may be in need of a new air conditioner, contact an Air-Master expert to help you make the right decision for the specific air conditioning needs of your home.

If your AC unit is over a decade old, it is not nearly as efficient as the newer units are. Constant use causes wear and tear on the entire system. Even just in the past few years, air conditioner manufacturing has greatly improved; the new units are far more efficient and better for the environment. If you are thinking about replacing your air conditioner, plan to do so before the summer so you can get the most use out of it!

Lack Of Maintenance

Much like a doctor or dentist appointment, air conditioners need regular maintenance to run effectively and last as long as possible. AC maintenance in Bedford, IN and surrounding areas allows a trained Air-Master technician to check up on your entire system and make improvements when necessary. AC maintenance is a preventative service to ensure your unit runs smoothly all summer long, because our technicians can check refrigerant levels, lubricate moving parts, and tighten electrical connections. These few tasks can prevent a costly repair or uncomfortable breakdown this summer. Schedule a routine visit from an Air-Master technician and keep your AC functioning at its highest level.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

The best way to keep your air conditioner fully functioning is to schedule regular maintenance at least once a year. Maintenance is especially beneficial in the spring and fall, before and after heavy use of your AC. Below are six of the biggest benefits of regular AC maintenance:

  • Keeps your AC unit running efficiently
  • Prevents sudden problems or complete breakdowns
  • Lowers energy bills
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your air conditioner
  • Ensures efficiency from your unit, making it more eco-friendly
  • Keeps you and your family cool!

How to Prepare Your AC for Summer

We have already established the importance of air filters and AC maintenance. What else can you do to prepare your air conditioner for the hot summer ahead? Here are two more simple tips to help you and your family beat the heat.

Install A New Thermostat

The closer your thermostat is to the outdoor temperature, the less your air conditioner will work and the more money you can save each month. While we would never suggest sacrificing your comfort, we do encourage homeowners to alter the thermostat settings while asleep or away. However, adjusting your thermostat when you are rushing out the door or cozy in bed can be a tedious and forgetful task. Installing a new thermostat can help homeowners save on energy costs without having to lift a finger! A smart thermostat that adjusts the temperature automatically can make a huge difference in the functionality of your AC unit. Plus, it may even decrease your environmental footprint.

Make Sure Your House Is Sealed

Sometimes when an air conditioner is not efficiently cooling your home, it may not be the unit to blame. Before the hot summer months arrive, consider sealing cracks throughout your home, which are commonly found on windows and doors. Even the best air conditioning units struggle to properly cool an unsealed home.

If your windows are new or very well-sealed, you may need better insulation. This will help regulate the temperature throughout the year, not only in the summer. There are many ways to get your air conditioner to work efficiently. Consider what you can do to help it through the sweltering summer months!

What Is Included In AC Maintenance?

Though there are some AC maintenance tasks that you can do yourself, it is always best to contact a professional. Here are some of the many aspects of AC maintenance that the Air-Master experts can handle for you:

  • Check for damage, making repairs or replacements as needed
  • Examine or replace the air filters
  • Clean the entirety of the AC unit
  • Check the refrigerant levels, making sure there is no leakage
  • Test the thermostat and compressor to ensure everything is functioning at normal levels
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Clean drain line

Preparing your air conditioner to handle the summer heat should be high on every homeowner’s to-do list. An Air-Master technician can ready your AC for the hard work it will be putting in this summer. Knowing that your air conditioner will not shut down will provide you with invaluable peace of mind, not to mention cool air and comfort.

For professional AC maintenance in Bedford, IN, Air-Master has you covered. Our maintenance plans can help you save on energy bills and keep your air conditioner running for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment and beat the summer heat. You can trust Air-Master to provide you with the help you deserve.

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